Joshua Kim
Joshua Kim
Designer | Maker | Dreamer

Hi! My name is Joshua Kim.

I am a human-centered designer and medical device innovator from Chicago, Illinois. Currently working as the senior designer and program coordinator at the Medical University of South Carolina, I have a passion for making interdisciplinary connections between biology and design while I push the limits of my creativity. As a maker, I seek to always challenge myself to design with a human-centered approach, innovate with an unhindered passion for discovery, and make products that create impactful and emotional connections for all users. I am also known to many by my designer name Kimer, and am the founder of Kimer Props, a small replica prop and cosplay start-up that has been making dreams a reality since 2012.

Starting with a simple hobby knife, I set forth to make dreams a reality.
I firmly believe in experimental learning and the pursuit of creative freedom to create emotionally impactful solutions. Being a problem solver and innovator is important to me, and I am constantly seeking out new problems to solve with the skills I am honing every day.

My Northwestern University Masters of Science in Engineering Design Innovation profile can be found here and my portfolio on this site. I hope my work will inspire others to explore their own creativity, even if it means facing failures head on...for every failure is a challenge that will make you stronger!

Create often, innovate with passion, and dream like never before.


Beyond the Studio

Outside of design, I have a deep passion for pediatric medicine, including both surgical and clinical practices. Seeing how our bodies work and function, and how modern medicine can directly impact one's health is incredibly fascinating to me. I hope to someday make an impact in the way children can overcome physical ailments, whether it is through surgery or medical device development.

I dream to someday make the children’s hospital of the future. Creating an innovative environment that prioritizes the treatment of the human patient over the disease, I believe, is the first step in improving the hospital experience for both patients and physicians. I am committed to creating this dream hospital as a designer through restless innovation, unhindered determination, and limitless curiosity.

When I am not designing or working on a project, I am drawn to exploration. I love going on adventures, observing medical procedures, and playing sports like volleyball and Taekwondo. I have explored many activities, from photography and videography to playing the violin, guitar, piano, and ocarina.

With my passion for learning new skills and experiencing new things, I strive to learn as much as I can about the world we live in. Adventure's out there, and it's up to us to explore it! 


Kimer Props

Ever since I was little, I loved to tinker and create things from scratch. Creating things came naturally to me, and I spent a lot of my childhood blueprinting “inventions” in my spare time.

Since discovering the world of prop making and cosplay in 2012, I have been working on building my skill sets as a prop maker, developing the gifts and talents God has given me.

Kimer Props is how I learned to design, build and prototype. It is a tangible manifestation of my passion and a way to share my work with others to make dreams a reality for many. 

Kimer Props Portfolio

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Photo by Sean Su

Photo by Sean Su


Masters of Science in Engineering Design Innovation
Northwestern University | Class of 2018

Bachelors of Arts in Biological Sciences
Northwestern University | Class of 2017

Segal Design Certificate
Northwestern University | Class of 2017