Uber Freight

Working with Uber Freight, my team and I were able to explore and design in the logistics space. Looking at various shipment locations, facilities, and drivers, we not only conducted design research to identify new opportunities for Uber freight, but also got exposure to the network of people that make our world run behind the scenes.

This project is under NDA with Uber Freight.


In a Complicated Network, There's Bound to be Tensions

With the freight industry being the unseen network in society today, the reach and spread it has is enormous. With so many intricacies and unique scenarios that occur, there were a plethora of tensions that we uncovered through our research. Not all tensions, however, lead to good design directions and it was our job to identify the few good tensions in the midst of many before diving deeper. 

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Our Research: Absorbing a Network 

Through the course of this project, we were able to not only conduct secondary research through articles, literature, and online resources, but were also able to conduct personal interviews. We were able to talk with a variety of people working in the freight space from drivers to facility employees both in person and over the phone. We were also able to conduct on-site observations at various facilities to further gain experience and to truly uncover current unmet needs. 

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In, Out, Repeat

Our research for this project was a cycle of moving deep and getting a broad picture view of our space. With the landscape of our area of focus so broad and complicated, we were challenged to dive deep while maintaining a broader perspective with journey maps to ensure that we were not diving into an area that was not misleading. Being able to change perspective on our project research was a challenge, but definitely helped us get a better grasp of our problem and design directions.

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Research to Synthesis 

From weeks of design research, we had gathered a plethora of data which led to 3 large insights that we identified as the most promising for Uber Freight to pursue. Upon sharing our work with our partners at Uber Freight's office, we were able to ask for feedback and through discussion, were able to narrow our scope to a single design direction. This design direction was one that both our team and the Uber Freight team saw to be the most applicable and most relevant to where the company is today. 


Insight to Next Steps

Upon identifying our single design direction, we were able to begin brainstorming and designing possible solutions for our problem statement. Our solutions were designed as a series of opportunities that Uber Freight could explore or leverage to push forward growth in their products. It was amazing to see the reception that our next steps were given at our Uber Freight presentation, and we are excited to see what comes next for Uber Freight in the near future. 

Keep On Trucking On 

Presenting our findings to Uber Freight at their office was a big privilege. Not only were we able to share what we found through our research, we were also able to receive valuable feedback and acknowledgement from the Uber Freight team. We are glad to have been able to provide Uber Freight with information that they can immediately use, and cannot wait to see what happens with our insights and research findings in the future.