Product Design

Collaborating with Proctor & Gamble (P&G) was a very unique experience. Exploring new consumer packaged products, services, and experiences users have with new products was eye opening. From user interviews, in-person visits, user testing, and prototype iterations, I was able to help explore a new area of product and package design in the realm of consumer packaged products and goods.

Project details are under NDA with Proctor & Gamble.

Understand the Consumer. They are the Hero.

From the beginning, our goal was to understand the consumer. From behaviors to experiences, we sought to fully understand our end users and stakeholders. Our design decisions through the project were then made and grounded on insights gained when learning about our consumers. 

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In-Home Ethnography: Let's Chat and Learn

During this project, our team conducted multiple in-home visits with consumers to better understand their personal experience regarding our area of focus. Learning about consumer tensions, pain-points, and workarounds through walk-throughs and interviews gave us a lot of insights for how we should develop our design ideas that we would not have understood otherwise. 

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One Step at a Time: Prototyping in Cycles

As we developed our design idea using insights gained from our design research, we began prototyping in various fidelities. Creating multiple mockups of each individual features of our design idea allowed us to be able to accurately test features with consumers. User testing was conducted, allowing us to cycle through multiple iterations of prototypes, improving our design with each cycle.


It's Not Just About Do...It's Also About Talk. 

During this whole process, we were in contact with both our consumers and sponsors from P&G. Communication was key in developing our ideas in an efficient way. Our team was also given the opportunity to attend a product design debrief meeting at P&G in Cincinnati, Ohio where we were able to present and discuss our design research, ideas, and design decisions with engineers and project leads. 

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Step, Stretch, Leap

At the end of this project, we were able to present P&G with step, stretch, and leap solutions for our area of focus. We were also able to show specific journey maps of the user experience, user testing results, a consumer pitch deck with executive summary of our design, and a mid-high fidelity functional prototype of our design idea. P&G has awarded us with an IP award for project completion and has acquired the design's IP.

The P&G Team  Left to right: Joshua Kim, Jasmine Kim, Byron Pang, Morgan Lewis

The P&G Team
Left to right: Joshua Kim, Jasmine Kim, Byron Pang, Morgan Lewis