This pokéball was created for my younger brother, whose birthday happened to land in the same month as Pokémon's 20th anniversary! He's one of the most avid Pokémon fans I know, and bringing this pokéball to life was a tribute to our childhood. 


I Choose You!

Growing up with Pokémon, my brother and I bonded over multiple generations of the game, movies, and show. A constant in our childhood, we often dreamed of having Pokémon in real life, or to even have pokéballs in reality. This pokéball was an exploration of 3D modeling and finishing 3D printed surfaces.


3D Printing Nostalgia

The pokéball was one of the first fully 3D printed projects I have made. Utilizing 3D modeling and printing technologies as it applied to this project allowed me to explore the software with passion. Creating the final 4 part model at full scale was exciting and showed how some dreams do in fact come true. The interior and exterior parts were then 3D printed.


Ball Assembly

The pokéball was split down the middle to avoid needing a visible hinge on the model. The two hemispheres of the ball are held together using a system of 3 neodymium magnets embedded in an interior shell within the ball. This allows easy access to the pokéball electronics while securely holding both hemispheres together. 


Kimer Used Sand Attack! 

Utilizing filler primer, filler putty, and multiple grits of sand paper (both for dry and wet sanding), I was able to achieve a deep shine on the 3D printed parts, making the pokéball as realistic as possible with its finish. Sanding was so extensive, even the matte primer held a high sheen in room lighting, showing no imperfections in the surface of the pokéball.


The Pokéball Carries Life

The pokéballs seen in the show, games, and movies feature a glowing light when the ball takes in a pokémon. A simple system was created using an anti-vandal switch with an incorporated LED ring to give the pokéball some life. The button and light matches the on screen pokéball, and was the final touch to bringing the ball into reality. 

A custom acrylic display case with a plaque was created to display the pokéball in a place of honor.

A custom acrylic display case with a plaque was created to display the pokéball in a place of honor.