Deadmau5 Helmet

The second replica prop that I made as Kimer Props, the Deadmau5 Helmet features a custom design, adjustable fit, speakers, and lights that respond to sound. An iconic piece from Kimer Props, this helmet brings the party wherever it goes. 

Photo by  Melody Hsu

Photo by Melody Hsu


An Experience in Itself

This helmet features lights, sound, and a large profile that commands attention in the space that it occupies. While providing custom audio to everyone in its vicinity, the Deadmau5 helmet never fails to bring smiles to those nearby. The helmet was a lesson in working with acrylic, fiberglass, and weight management of the electronics in the limited space inside the helmet.


Building Out of a Home Studio

This replica was made using the limited resources I had available to me at the beginning of my time as Kimer Props. Innovation takes many forms, and for this project, it took the form of a Dremel tool clamped to a table to create a stand-in spindle stander. This "spindle sander" shows how creativity isn't necessarily only about the product, but also about the process one undergoes. 


Rotating about 3D Space

This project demanded close attention to how elements related to each other in 3D space. From the independent ears to the eyes and mouth, specific angles were determined to give the correct emotion and appearance for the helmet. If off by even a single degree, the expression of the helmet can completely change, pushing the necessity for precision and accuracy. 


Light it Up!

The helmet sports a custom circuit board pattern on the ears, with EL wire on its surface. This EL (electroluminescent) wire glows and can pulse in response to the music being played from the helmet. The eyes and mouth are also illuminated with EL wire, backed by aluminum foil. Lighting the interior of the helmet does not affect outward visibility, thus having no significant impact on user safety. 


Dropping the Beat

This prop features two speakers located at the base of each ear. With Deadmau5 being a music producer, I thought it would be appropriate to outfit the helmet with audio capabilities. The speakers naturally project out of the helmet and are controlled by a phone that can be stored within the helmet. Wherever the helmet goes, amazing beats are sure to follow!